Want to Lend Your Talents to the Rockman.EXE Movie Fan-dub? Here's How

We recently brought you word of a fan-dub effort to localize the Rockman.EXE movie, "The Program of Light and Dark," and needless to say, some of you were rather critical of what has been shown so far (seen above).

Think you can do better? Then now's your chance; as it turns out, they're still looking to fill roles. Read on to see what's available and what you need to do!

List of roles:

(big)= large part (12)= 12 years old, etc.

Male characters needed:

Lan (big)(12) MegaMan (big)(15) Bass (20)(bad guy) Dex (14)(low voice) Tory (13) Mrs. Hikari (big)(40) Higsby (done) NumberMan (done) Colonel (25) Mrs. Famous (big)(20) Chaud (big)(16) Guy 1-8 (done) Dr. Regal (30)(main bad guy) Charlie (done) Gyroman (done) ProtoMan (done) Commissioner Kifune (45)(lower voice) Barrel (35) Raika (18)

Female characters needed:

Maylu (12) Ms. Mari (20-30) TRINIY Brain Staff (20)(high voices) Kifune's assistant (25)

For further details on line reading for the auditions and NT Warrior samples, check out the Voice Acting Club forums, or you can contact Nat400 with any questions at megamandownload (at) gmail (dot) com. Nat400 adds that "I just need more voices, and if we do well on this movie I will make fandubs for Stream, Beast, Beast+, Star Force, and Tribe eps."