Mega Man? How About Mega Lan? (As in "Lanyard," Not the Battle Network Kid)

0265ed4e8dd3b7439b5f821c37e0b927 Over on Capcom Unity, Brelston is showing you how to flash your credentials in style-- by hanging them on this snazzy Mega Man lanyard, which fits around all but the fattest of necks (or heads)! They're just $9.95 and ship from the Capcom Store in February if you order now!

But wait, there's more! You not only get the classic 8-bit iconography of the Blue Bomber running, jumping, and sliding across this handsome neon green strap, but also a special Mega Man 25th Anniversary tag (see below) commemorating the years the Man has been Mega and telling all your friends and associates where you got it! So place your order now, and tell every convention this Summer where they can stuff their lanyards when you show up at the door!*


* The Mega Man Network will not be held responsible if you are summarily thrown out and/or banned from said conventions upon telling them where they can stuff their lanyards. Also, I feel so, so very dirty right now.