Kotobukiya Dropping Mega Man Model Kit Line

27808-00 Headby Razorsaw With Tamashii Nation's D-Arts line having brought us a number of Mega Man characters already, many are looking forward to what the line will bring us in the future. However, while these figures may be the current hot topic among those looking to collect plastic versions of the Blue Bomber, many have been wondering what became of Kotobukiya's line of model kits, which has previously featured Classic Mega Man, Roll, Proto Man, and the eponymous Mega Man Zero.

Well, according to Tomopop, it unfortunately seems that what many suspected has proven true: Kotobukiya is bringing an end to the Rockman series of model kits. It seems that despite positive feedback, Kotobukiya has opted not to continue where they left off, which means no Bass to go along with the rest of the Classic series mainstays. Instead, they will be focusing on a new license.

While this is indeed disappointing, at the very least, we have the potential for new D-Arts releases to fall back on. Thanks to Advent-Axl for bringing this to our attention.