Behold the Fruits of Your Labor: The Rockman 25th Anniversary Collaboration

mm25collageWe want to kick 2013 off on the right foot, and what better way than by showing off the fruits of the labor many of you have put towards completing the Rockman 25th Anniversary Collaboration, which you can see but a glimpse of at right, and in its majestic entirety here. The collage is a part of Hi-GO!'s 25th anniversary fan book, R-GENERATION 25, which features the work of over 69 Japanese Rockman fan artists. In fact, the sheer number of participants is part of what caused a bit of a delay in releasing this (in addition to the organizer's personal matters). The group behind this project explains:

Dear participants,

We had to inform this more earlier: Just before we finish editing, we got a suggestion from the organizer of 'R-GENERATION 25', which is the collaborative fan art book project for 25th anniversary from Japan, to take place on a space in the book to put in our collage project.

We accepted this suggestion, as both projects shares the same goal - to celebrate blue bomber's birthday - and it was too sad that those similar collaboration projects for 25th B-day are working seperately.

However, the deadline was too soon to contact each of over 150 participants to get permission for the publication, so we decided to inform this with our completed collage which will released before the release of 'R-GENERATION 25' But the editing has been falling behind, so there was some people who noticed about our collage on 'R-GENERATION 25' today, the very day the book is released. And our editing is eventually finished just after the book is sold out, so we happened to post this letter now.

We are very sorry about the delay, and our unconsidered attitude about the publication of collage without permission. and we also apologize to the organizer of 'R-GENERATION 25', for causing the trouble in this way.

Although this unpleasant trouble happened, we sincerely hope everyone to enjoy both of our 25th B-Day collage and R-GENERATION 25, as it is 25th anniversary for blue bomber.

Again, Thanks to you all the participants very much.


25th B-Day collaboration council

Amunshen has also offered apologies for the lateness of this project, and also tells us that "sadly it will be the last collage held by Argent_fox (Eunho) because she's getting busier and busier with her university work."

Thanks to Amunshen, as well as everyone else who made sure we were aware of this (we were; we just wanted to get all the details straight).