"For Everlasting Peace! A Mega Man Introspective" from GameSpot

Recently, we were asked by GameSpot Asia Associate Editor Jonathan Toyad to take part in a special video feature they were putting together at the time for Mega Man's 25th anniversary. More recently, we learned that the feature has been completed, and we're happy to share it here with you:

You can also find the video at this link.

Interesting to note is the odd combination of visuals from one game/stage with music from another at the 5:43 mark. Call us crazy, but some of these mix-ups actually work pretty well! One might even consider it a testament to the quality of the series' music overall that such pieces can be interchanged so freely.

On a more personal note, thanks to Mr. Toyad for allowing me to take part in this video (though I must admit that the site is not my own creation); it was a pleasure, and I hope others viewing it will enjoy this feature as much as I did.