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In case you're not up on this particularly bit of Japanese meme-ery, we'll let you read Heat's explanation of it from last year, which you can find here. Don't worry, we'll wait.

All done? Great! So as it happens, Rockman X manga artist Yoshihiro Iwamoto has once more continued this little tradition of his, but with a twist! After all, this year's holiday season encompasses the 25th anniversary of the Blue Bomber, and with the two events but a week apart, he couldn't let such a time of two great things coming together go by unnoticed, could he?

So read on for his special one-two much of Mega Man and "Merry Christmas!"

First up, it's Mega Man! Or perhaps more appropriately, "Rockman," as rendered by Iwamoto-- a relatively rare event, all said!


Accompanying it is the following message:

おはようございます。 折角のクリスマスイヴなのに中耳炎になったようです。 風邪の置き土産のようです。 いや、素人診断ですけどね。 間が悪く振り替え休日なのでお医者さんは明日に。

で、本日はD-Artsロックマンが届くはず。 楽しみ!!



Run through Google Translator, it says:

Good morning. It seems to otitis media has become a long-awaited Christmas Eve. It's like a souvenir placement of the cold. No, but it is an amateur diagnosis. The doctor to be transferred between the holiday tomorrow so bad.

In, today is D-Arts Rockman must be reached. Fun! !

So keep up the illustration of the minutes of this year.

A good Christmas ^ ^

Update: And from Will Tice in the comments below, a real translation:

Good morning. Even though it's the long-awaited Christmas Eve, it seems I've come down with an ear infection. It's like a parting gift from my cold. Well, it's just an amateur diagnosis. Unluckily, it's a substitute holiday, so I'll see the doctor tomorrow.

Well then, today the D-Arts Rockman is arriving. I'm excited!!

Now then, I'm uploading this year's illustration. Have a good Christmas ^^

But wait-- Here Comes a New Challenger!!!


ごめんみんな…。 風邪と中耳炎で調子が悪い…^^;




Google Translated:

I'm sorry ... everyone. Upset with otitis media and cold ... ^ ^;

So early ... but I Choi.

Christmas fun this year!

Yellow rock, paper, scissors! !

Heat could provide a better translation, I'm sure, but it sounds like something about the media has him down, yet he's otherwise in high spirits. MERRY CHRISTMAS to you, too, Mr. Iwamoto!

Update: And the rest of Will Tice's translation:

Sorry everyone... I have a cold and ear infection, so my condition isn't great... ^^;

Because of that, I'm rather early, but...

Have a good Christmas this year!!

Yellow rock, paper, scissors!!

Thanks to Ghalheart for the tip!

Source: Iwamoto's Blog