Contest Reminder, and a Note about the Last

25thprizes Just a reminder with the flurry of posts we've made this past week: We are running a very awesome Mega Man 25th anniversary giveaway! Please go to that article and leave your comment for a chance to win one of five excellent prizes! In fact, all five prizes have finally arrived at my residence, just waiting to meet eager fans! You have until the end of the year to enter, so don't forget!

On top of that, I have something tremendously embarrassing to mention as well. Last month we held a giveaway contest for the Rockman EXE Official Sound Track. Unfortunately, through being busy and absentminded, I never got around to announcing the winner! And that lucky fellow was liquidcross, to whom we did ship the prize already. Thanks to everyone who entered; as a pretty big Battle Network fan myself, I enjoyed seeing your comments on the series.