Street Fighter X Mega Man is Here - Get Your Controllers Ready!

Happy 25th anniversary, boys and girls! We are all children again as the retro-chic and absolutely free new Mega Man game is here: Street Fighter X Mega Man! You can head right over to Capcom Unity's Mega Man hub and download away! No cost, no DRM, just a sweet game to install and enjoy. Hopefully you picked up some kind of joypad (such as the one I got here), but playing on the PC should be fine too. Brett managed after all!

A humongous shout out to Zong Hui for coming up with this, A_Rival for the delicious chiptune soundtrack, and of course, to the folks at Capcom Unity. They promised us something big for the 25th anniversary, and they delivered. Although I've only played a single stage so far, I can attest with Brelston: this feels like a legit Mega Man game.

Anyhow, what are you waiting for? Download away and blast some world warriors! Tell your friends, spread the word! Make sure they grab it from Capcom Unity!