Looking Back on 25 Years of Mega Man: Mega Ran

megaranThe 25th anniversary of Mega Man is finally upon us! And to help celebrate, we've reached out with three simple questions to a number of people who have been affected in some way, shape, or form by the Blue Bomber as he continues to play a part in helping to shape our lives, in ways both big and small. First up is the one and only Random, aka Mega Ran, the rapper and teacher who bears the Titanium Titan's name proudly.

What are some notable memories you've had getting into, and otherwise playing Mega Man? Alternatively, what ways has Mega Man factored into your work?

My memories of Mega Man are probably well documented in songs, but my earliest memory is probably my favorite... when I saw the feature on MM2 in Nintendo Power, I was hooked on the huge characters and colorful backgrounds, and I had never played Mega Man 1 at that point. I ran to the store to find MM2, and all I could find was MM1 for $19.99 in a bargain bin... I grabbed it and went home and was hooked since.

In the time before Mega Man 2 came out, I drew my own Mega Man bosses and ideas in my sketch books and have been mildly obsessed with Mega Man since. To have had a chance to meet people at Capcom who not only heard my music, but appreciated and enjoyed it is a dream come true!

What is your sentiment on the current standing of Mega Man, and what do you want to see for the future?

I'm just thankful that we've had a chance to see Mega Man on every generation of console so far, so I'm actually optimistic about the Blue Bomber's future. I would like to see him popping up in more titles, but then we'd probably complain that he was around too much. So I'm happy we have a lot of games to play and I'm sure we'll get more.

What is your all time favorite Mega Man game?

No question, 2 for the music, but 3 for the gameplay and bosses. I feel like a lame but I just played Mega Man Soccer for the first time like last month and I really liked that game a lot! honorable mention for sure.

Thank you for the interview!


And thanks to Mega Ran for participating in our little anniversary Q&A! We have more to come, so stay tuned!