TMMN December Giveaway - 25th Anniversary Megapalooza!

25thprizes This is it, our last prize giveaway leading up to Mega Man's 25th anniversary. It has been a wonderful pleasure giving you chances to win fun stuff every month, and I hope it's made this tough year for Mega Man a little more bright for you all. So naturally, wrapping up the TMMN giveaways, we're going out with a Mega Buster blast!

This time around, I have five prizes for five lucky winners! We have the albums We are ROCK-MEN! 2 and ROCKMAN HOLIC. We have the updated art book R20+5: Rockman & R0ckman X Official Complete Works. We have a D-Arts Rockman figure set. And last, we have a Rockcan Sound Can, containing the music of Mega Man through Mega Man 10. Not to boast, but that's almost $300 in prizes!

And as always, winning will be pretty simple. What we want you to do is this: Comment in this post with your words of congratulations on Mega Man reaching 25 years of awesomeness! You can only comment once! After the deadline passes, we will select the five winners randomly from these comments. Furthermore, the prizes rewarded will also be chosen randomly!

We're running this contest until December 31st, 11:59 PM PST, so you have two weeks to enter. We will be sharing the chosen comments as well, so make yours count if it's picked! And of course, have an awesome 25th for the Blue Bomber!

Edit: Hold it! We're currently undergoing a site change. The comment section should be re-opened shortly. ~LanceHeart

Edit 2: New comment system is Go! However, if you posted a comment on this article before Disqus was activated, please know that we have a backup of your comments and they should hopefully be restored into this article by tomorrow night. If not, rest assured that they will still be counted for the giveaway. Apologies for the inconvenience! ~LanceHeart