"Mega Man X Street Fighter?" How About Some "Rock'em Sock'em Rockman" Instead?

8152226776_28ac7c01afby Razorsaw With Street Fighter X Mega Man coming soon, and the Archie comics crossover with Sonic the Hedgehog looming in just a few short months, it seems that the Mega Man fandom's thoughts are all on the concept of Mega Man taking on other franchises. However, one should not forget the franchise's roots, and in our case, that's robots beating up other robots.

So in the spirit of characters beating the stuffing out of each other, we at The Mega Man Network would like to give focus to KodyKoala.com's Rock'em Sock'em Robots custom, featuring Mega Man and Proto Man. This impressive work allows one to recreate the epic battles of Mega Man 3... except in a boxing ring, and with a lot more face punching.

KodyKoala.com features a number of other toy customs, many of them based on video games and including several other Mega Man-themed creations. Give them a look, won't you? Thanks to Vince__Patrick on Twitter for bringing this to our attention!