GameTrailers Revisits the Mystery of Mega Man 9

You might remember a few months ago when GameTrailers took on the mystery of Mega Man 9, only to find the results were inconclusive. Having received some help since originally releasing that edition of "Pop Fiction," they've taken another stab at it, this time even getting a rather... odd message from one of the game's producers, Hironobu Takeshita. You can view the updated info around the eight-minute mark.

All said, this isn't necessarily a bad thing; one could even consider it a good one. Video games have long had various myths and legends associated with them, from "Shen Long" in Street Fighter II to Luigi being in Super Mario 64-- heck, that's what the entire "Pop Fiction" series is about. And with Mega Man 9, the Mega Man series now apparently has its own legend worthy of hanging with such longstanding curiosities, one which may persist in the minds of gamers for years-- or even decades-- to come.