Dr. Wily Stage 1 A Capella

by Razorsaw

If you're a Mega Man fan, you're probably no stranger to the iconic "Dr. Wily Stage 1" theme from Mega Man 2. Perhaps more than any other, it is synonymous with and representative of the greatest of songs from the Classic series. As you might imagine, it has also been the subject of numerous remixes and other peformances by fans.

Well, now you can add a capella to the list of formats that "Wily's Castle" has been performed in, thanks to Max and Sam, a duo that specialize in video game humor, as part of their "Geekapella" series. Though their video is charmingly bizzare, you can't deny that it breathes some new life into an old favorite.

Special thanks to Nikolaos, who helped to bring this video to our attention!