Industry Pros Come Together to Form Their Own Mega Man 25th Anniversary Fan Game

Now here is something interesting, and perhaps even more crossover-y than Xover (artwork aside). From YouTube's description:

Started in August, our team of six game industry professionals (Jason Canam, Jeff Canam, Orie Falconer, Tim McLennan, Daniel Ochoa, Julian Spillane) has been working hard to get a preview of the game ready in time for December 17th. Feast your eyes on this first trailer and expect more over the next couple of weeks. We really hope you enjoy what you see.

The reception to this seems to be largely positive, with 16,631 likes versus 23 dislikes on YouTube as of this writing. Those interested in checking out or downloading the whole soundtrack can find it on Bandcamp.

Thanks for the tip, DaiSanSei!