More 1UP Features & Retronauts Lunch Break Takes on Legends

Continuing our coverage of 1UP's Cover Story this week, our suspicions have been confirmed: Retronauts Lunch Break will be taking on Mega Man Legends, "the series' three-dimensional debut that didn't receive the critical reception it deserved." For those unfamiliar, Retronauts Lunch Break (which debuted with the NES Mega Man games) is a video game livestream which takes place on Fridays at 12pm PST/3pm EST. Plus, you can interact with them as they play by tweeting to their Twitter account. So join us and feel the love!

As for the week's main Cover Story, "Mega Man: 25 Years of Theme-Park Levels and Stolen Robot Powers," four new articles have been added since our last update on Tuesday. The first of these is "Fights for Everlasting Peace: Mega Man's Greatest Debates," wherein they attempt to "settle some of Mega Man's biggest controversies once and for all." From score systems to 3D graphics, and from the Mega Buster and Slide to sequels and 8-bit graphics, there is plenty to talk about here.

"Mega Man's Metamorphosis from Character to Tool" looks at "how the weapon copy ability transformed Mega Man into a something else entirely," and will no doubt inspire some fans of the Blue Bomber to speak their minds on a mildly disturbing trend within the series and the value of our heroes' character.

The title "The Curious Case of Mega Man Legends 3" is rather self-explanatory, as Editor-in-Chief Jeremy Parish gives us on a partially pleasant (those designs and screens are still lovely), partially painful (for obvious reasons) look back at the long-awaited sequel that almost was.

And finally, "4 Ways Mega Man Legends Beat Ocarina of Time to the Punch" looks at some truths that fans of the 3D Mega Man series have long known: "Link might have done it best, but Capcom did it first."

While that's all for now, that's not all for 1UP's Cover Story; there is at least one more article waiting in the wings to be posted at some point later today. In the meantime, don't forget to tune in to Retronauts Lunch Break for some loving Legends nostalgia!