Well, That Was Quick: More From 1UP

If I might be allowed to break from the third-person for a moment: Wow, that was quick. I knew when I posted about the 1UP Cover Story yesterday that I a few of my own writings would come up, but I didn't expect them so soon-- much less two on the same day. If you read 1UP with much regularity, you might have seen an article I wrote back when New Super Mario Bros. 2 was coming out about about "The Many Versions, Ports, and Re-Releases of Super Mario Bros." Well, I gave the original Mega Man the same treatment-- and please note that I turned this in before this story broke here. That's what happens when you don't add "as of this writing" to your works.

The other piece is a little more editorialized. "The World View of Mega Man" basically looks over the duration of time where it felt like we were never quite able to get "in" to the world of Mega Man, a period where it felt like Capcom was happy to show you the front lawn and the backyard patio, but never to see inside of the house of the Blue Bomber. It's where I felt some titles, such as Mega Man Legends, felt particularly welcoming.

That's not all for this week, though-- I'll be back on 1UP with one other piece, and I won't be alone. You can continue to keep up with the week's articles here, and I'm going to wager that this week's Retronauts Lunch Break might (no promises) have something to do with this week's cover story as well.