Dueling Analogs' List of 'Games I am Sad Were Never Made' Features Two of Mega Man

Over on video game humor site Dueling Analogs is a list of "Games I am sad were never made," and two of those games feature the Blue Bomber. One is Mega Man Legends 3, and there isn't much to be said about that which hasn't been said already. The other is "Mega Man Ultimate Collection," and while fans may differ in their opinion of what constitutes an "ultimate" collection, this one features all ten numbered Mega Man titles, but with a twist: "they’re all connected. That means once you clear one game you don’t lose the weapons from a previous. How cool would it be to have Metal Blades to use whenever you want after you defeat Metal Man?" Hmm, that sounds familiar.

There are more games on the list, with "Paper Luigi: The Marvelous Compass" being a longstanding personal dream game. Check out the whole list here