To No One's Surprise, Mega Man Makes "Worst Cover Art" List, But...

When Trigger EXE submitted a news tip a couple of months ago about Mega Man being on's Top 50 list of the worst video game box covers of all time, we almost didn't run it. After all, it seems almost mandatory by this point for Mega Man to be included a the top of these lists. But that's what gave us pause. You see, the Blue Bomber didn't top this list; rather, he came in at #17. Not near the bottom of the list, but this means that there are 16 other pieces of box art being considered worse than the original Mega Man's.

So that leaves us to wonder what's going on. Only a few years ago, it seemed that Mega Man should have received a Lifetime Achievement Award for the worst box art ever, if only to spare us the constant predictability. But now? Have game companies actually gone on to produce worse art? Or have people become more accepting of this cover, thanks to his semi-canonization as "Bad Box Art Mega Man"? Or, as Capcom's treatment of Mega Man 9 and 10 have shown, is it simply so bad that it's good now?

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