Intuition! Rockman Footage - The Silliest Mega Man Game Ever

Another little known Rockman cell phone game finally gets some exposure. Intuition! Rockman was released in Japan in January of 2008. A very unusual game, you could perhaps liken it to Mega Man's take on WarioWare. The game is a collection of simple and humorous minigames. Aside from being a Japan only game, it only works on cell phones that have an accelerometer for motion control. Because of that, it probably didn't get terribly too much attention. Which in itself is sad, because the game is so deliciously awesome (in a novel sort of way).

The story of the game has Dr. Wily finishing his next latest invention which will assuredly win him the world. But as if on cue, Mega Man drops in to stop him. However, he proves to be no match for Wily's machine, which is impervious to any of Mega Man's attacks, though Wily himself is troubled that the machine doesn't actually do anything. Roll comes in with a message from Dr. Light suggesting to shake the machine if attacks don't work. Angered, Dr. Wily traps Roll in his machine to power it up even more.

By shaking the phone (which makes Mega Man shake the machine), minigame cards pop out. Each minigame cleared, which is themed with a different Mega Man character, damages Dr. Wily's machine a little, until you can defeat him completely.

So how weird are the games? How about a dance battle with Elec Man? Or guiding Fire Man to ski down a birthday cake? There's even a final battle where you're trying to drive Dr. Wily insane. You can watch the above video to bask in all the zaniness. The game primarily borrows from 8-bit Mega Man graphics, but there are a load of new sprites and such as well. I love Mega Man's victory stance!

News Credit: tarbo (video by Unyu)