Nintendo Power's Mega Manniversary

We brought you a little info from the latest issue of Nintendo Power yesterday, but now that we've got the issue in our hands for ourselves, here's a quick rundown of what it has to offer for Mega Man fans. The November 2012 issue, Volume 284, features a two-page "Mega Manniversary" article in the "Download" section. Here, each Mega Man title released for the Virtual Console has a quick blurb and some info describing the game, plus "Power Tips" and a "Mega Fact" for each (such as the intent to name Dr. Cossack "Dr. Vice" at one point).

There is also the aforementioned short interview with Capcom's Senior Vice President Christian Svensson and Senior Community Manager Bret Elston. In addition to answering such questions as what Mega Man means to Capcom, how the series has endured, why newcomers should give the games a shot, and the unspoken future, Elston adds to the news from earlier that "if we can sneak in the Game Boy Mega Man V into the mix, that'd be pretty sweet, too."

Elsewhere in the issue, the "Community" section highlights UK artist Jack Teagle's Blue Bomber-related efforts, and "The SCORE" in the "Pulse" section reveals that voters named the Black Hole Bomb as the coolest weapon to come from Mega Man 9.

Volume 284 is the next-to-last issue, and might be the last time fans see the Blue Bomber featured in print in such a way for a while. It should begin hitting newsstands soon, for those interested in it as a keepsake of the U.S. magazine which has given more to Mega Man than any other. The final issue is going to look back at the Wii U launch and the magazine's 24-year legacy, so the Titanium Titan might make one last appearance, but otherwise, this is it.