Klickelan, We Are Ready for Launch

While perhaps not in the sense that a lot of fans had hoped for, the rocket to save MegaMan Volnutt has been completed. No, I'm not talking about Mega Man Legends 3, but what I am talking about is real life fans showing their support for the game. If you'll recall, the people behind 100,000 Strong for Mega Man Legends 3 put in action a plan using fan support and funding to create a model rocket replica based on the design of the rocket in Mega Man Legends 3. And it's no simple model - it's designed to actually fly.

After some final balancing work and touching-up, the rocket will be ready to go. It's planned launch is December 8th, at the Hearne Municipal Airport in Hearne, Texas. Although it may not be live, the event definitely will be recorded and broadcast later. If you're in or near Hearne, you should try to show up. The more fans who can appear to show their support, the better!

Keep an eye on 100,000 Strong for more details.

Thanks for the tip, Skybane!