TMMN November Giveaway: Rockman EXE Transmission Soundtrack!

Hey guys, we're starting our November giveaway a bit early this month. This time around, I have a copy of the recently released Rockman EXE Transmission soundtrack to hand out! Finally, SuperSweep's masterfully done music for one of the more obscure Mega Man games out there on its own official album! The way to enter is simple as ever. For this post, I want you to comment about your favorite Net Navi. Explain as much as you want why you like them or think they're an interesting character. Granted half of you are going to pick Bass as it is. The winning entry will be randomly selected after the entry deadline passes. Please be sure to comment with your actual e-mail address so we can get back to you in case you win!

The deadline to comment is Sunday, November 11th at 11:59 PM pacific time. With luck, you may get the soundtrack in your hands before it goes on nationwide sale in Japan. How cool is that!? Please enter, and good luck to you all!