Capcom Wants to Know What Soundtracks You Desire

We've been pretty fortunate in the amount of Mega Man soundtracks and other merchandise that have been coming out in the past couple months - and months to come. Well, if you live in Japan at least. And Capcom of Japan is primed to give more. A new entry on their site's Q&A basically asks fans flat out to submit what game soundtracks they'd like to see materialized.

You can participate simply by mailing Suleputer (Capcom's in-house record label). The only caution they advertise is that inquiries must have a subject, else your mail will be eaten by spam protection. Of course, there's nothing to indicate this is intended for fans outside of Japan, and I can't say if they'll even bother with requests written in English. But if there's a Mega Man soundtrack you really want to see (or any Capcom game, I suppose), what do you have to lose?

News Credit: Tarbo