Reika Morishita's Legends 15th Anniversary Artwork Drive, Plus GMOTM Album Project Updates

As the fifteenth anniversary of Mega Man Legends draws near (December 18th), artist and singer Reika Morishita has a project in mind to get everyone involved. Not content with releasing freshly arranged versions of her Rockman DASH theme songs digitally, she is working towards a physical CD release, and is also taking submissions for Legends character fan art. According to a recent blog update by Morishita:

It's still undecided, but the prospects of an actual CD release are beginning appear! To celebrate that, I need all of your support!! To that end, I want to take submissions for many DASH character fan art by all of you! I can't go into much detail yet, but make no mistake, we have some amazing plans in store. Hmm, how will they be used? Please stay tuned on that matter.

 As far as your pictures go, you can make new art or use past piece you've drawn! Even work you've already made public on the web is fine too. Please show me your best artwork at all costs!! I'm waiting for your submissions!!!

The deadline for submissions is November 7th, so you have about a week. Keep your artwork within 750 x 750, and mail it to Morishita directly when it's ready. The places it could end up being used may turn out to be amazing!

Furthermore, some updates on the GMOTM Mega Man Legends 3 concept album project after the break.

Submissions for the album have been coming along fantastically, although I'm sorry to admit that I haven't had the time to look over many yet. Because of the number of support, we've agreed to quit taking submissions on November 30th. So you still have a month to work if you want to make and submit a piece of work, or fine tune a piece you already sent in.

At this point, we still expect the album to be a simple, free release. Unfortunately, after looking into it, Bandcamp doesn't appear to be a viable service for releasing the album, so we are looking into other means. Nevertheless, we are aiming for a December 18th release. I think in the end everyone will be impressed with the work and talent that has gone into this project.

In the meantime you can still support the effort by contributing your music and artwork, or discussing ideas for the album, all via the Neo Devroom. Get to it!

Artwork by Ancode