Roll's Shipping Adventures Detailed in Mega Man #22

For the cold month of February, a cold themed issue of Archie's Mega Man would seem appropriate. But how will that work out if Roll is busy trying to hook people up? Or is it Roll herself who has found her match? The synopsis reads:

"(W) Ian Flynn (A) Gary Martin & Various (CA) Matt Herms & Various

'Cold Crush.' Is love in the air - or is that just frost? Mega Man, Roll, and Quake Woman go to the far north to assist Ice Man in a perilous research mission. Will Roll's attempt at match-making be more hazardous than the ice?"

So it didn't take long for the comic to go THIS direction, eh? Hah, just kidding. Battle & Chase fans know that Ice Man always had a little something for Roll. But as to how it plays out in the comic, we'll just have to wait and see!

Thanks as always, Merricks!