More Mega Man from NYCC 2012

Following our earlier report, we've received some word and pictures of the goings-on from New York Comic-Con 2012 courtesy of Kevin, who didn't get to make it to the event (and for reasons which warrant our congratulations, at that), but had a friend attended in his stead.

Not much that we didn't know about already was spoken of by Archie Comics, but here's what went down at the Archie Action Hour panel and beyond:

  • As noted previously, Bass is going to make his comic book debut in "Worlds Collide," despite having only been seen during a "Short Circuits" comic strip previously.
  • During the Q&A session, someone asked about a Mega Man/Mega Man X crossover. Writer Ian Flynn was about to answer, only to be cut off by Archie Comics President Mike Pellerito, who reportedly grabbed the mic and smiled before shaking his head and telling Ian to shut up.
  • The only Mega Man item in the "free gift bag" given to those who attended the Archie Action Hour panel was a copy of the first paperback graphic novel (which Kevin's friend had signed for him by both Patrick "Spaz" Spaziante and Ian Flynn, as seen below). He also had them sign a "Worlds Collide" postcard.
  • The Epic-Scents Mega Man car fresheners were on sale at the company's booth. Priced at two for $5, Kevin got two of both the Mega Man and Proto Man versions.

You can see more from the event in the pictures below, though aside from the "Worlds Collide" teaser, there isn't much we haven't seen in some shape or form.