Experience the Excitement, the Thrills, the Action of Rockman Xover Right Now!

A common refrain (and one we've visited before) from within the Mega Man fandom (and perhaps even from outside as well) is that Capcom's upcoming social game Rockman Xover looks basic enough that a fan could have done better. And while we don't know whether that's true or not, it seems clear that about three fans can pretty closely replicate the experience.

Uploaded to Newgrounds recently was a game developed by three fans (PressStart, BroToad, and Cutman Mike) and, according to the author's comments, is "a copy of Rockman Xover's core gameplay made [in] under 24-hours!" based on the screens and footage we've seen thus far.

We've been receiving a number of tips about this, but before saying anything, we decided to consult an expert for his opinion. Well, sort of-- as we all know by now, our own Heat Man was at the Tokyo Game Show recently and got to try out some of the game, giving us some footage and his thoughts here. With this experience under his belt, we felt it best to get his thoughts on how this compared to the portion of the demo he partook in.

"I guess it's more or less pretty close," Heat notes, with only a few minor differences. "For example, I didn't notice enemies dropping cards, but then those would have had no use in the demo anyway. Also, I have no idea if the skip button in the boss battle actually just ends the battle - I never played the boss battle. Personally, I had assumed the skip button just skipped the boss's attack animation."

Heat adds that he's not sure of any other footage of the game online besides his own (as representatives at the show took issue with cameras being used to record it). However, he does point out that some people are apparently uploading footage of the Newgrounds Flash game and claiming it to be the real deal, which could cause some confusion among fans (though if anyone doing so includes the ending of the game, we like to think people would catch on to which version they've just seen).

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!