Contest to Design the Face of a Mega Man Battle Network "Chat" Bot

If you follow the Facebook group 100,000 fans for Mega Man Battle Network 10th anniversary collection, you might have seen a link to an amusing little bot based on MegaMan.EXE which responds to what you type... and eventually bludgeons the English language with a blunt object. That said, our Sheet Music Director, Bey-Heart, has taken over the operation of the page and they're attempting to create such a bot of their own. However, this one would be based on a new NetNavi named "Aria," and is based on ALICE 1.7, "one of the most intelligent bots to date." And for that, he's looking for a little help, and has opened a contest for people to participate in to design a bust (head and shoulder area) for the new Navi.

There doesn't seem to be any prize, however, other than being able to boast that it's your design people are talking to. For more details, check out this post to enter before November 5th.