A Note from the Editor Regarding News Tips and Stories

Okay, I figure it's about time I let you all know what's been up with news submissions recently. As of late, you might have noticed that if you submit a tip, it tends to take quite a while before it gets posted. This began because, for a while there, it looked like news was basically drying up following the cancellation of Mega Man Legends 3 and little official to work with but the comic book and figure releases. So I began queuing up stories for "rainy days" when there was nothing else to post, and that worked well enough for a while.

Now, however, there doesn't seem to be a shortage of things to write about-- if anything, it almost feels like too much sometimes! Of course, official news regarding new games and such takes precedence, as I'm sure you'll understand, and while there was very little for a while there, it seems to have picked up quite a bit.

As a result, we've had things sitting around for a month before they get published, and in some cases-- much to my regret-- some stories I didn't know had an "expiration date" would be missed in the process (Note: if you're sending us a tip about an auction, marathon, anything with a short-term relevance, please make a note of it in the headline. Just don't abuse it by marking a story about a lady who found a potato chip shaped like Zero as "urgent," or else we're back to the same problem).

We still have quite a few stories sitting in our queue and e-mail, the latter of which I still need to write up, not to mention tips from Twitter, which I'm trying to get to as well. Unfortunately, between other jobs and this stuff, it's difficult to get to everything in a timely manner.

What I'm going to do is post what's in our queue more frequently until we get through that (though not too frequently; we don't want to flood anyone), and try to get everything we've been sent by e-mail and Twitter squared away. After that, we'll try to get back to posting things as soon as they come.

I hope that makes sense to everyone reading this, and there are no hard feelings over tips being "ignored" or anything. Odds are, we haven't been... I've just been really slow to get to them. The fact is that this isn't really a paying job or a for-profit organization, and so everything we do is generally with a dwindling amount of time around our real jobs and things. But we keep at it because we all love Mega Man here, and want to make sure you all keep getting new content all the time... whether there are new games coming or not.

All I ask is that you just please be patient (though to be fair, I've not seen any backlash or outcries as a result of a late posting) as we get everything squared away.

Finally, if there's anything else one can take away from this, it's that Mega Man really is alive and well, whether there is a big new next-generation title, a social app for iPhone, or no games at all on the horizon.