We are ROCK-MEN! 2 Cover, Plus Minor ROCKMAN HOLIC Updates

Lovable ol' Ucchy-san from Rockman Unity has an update concerning the latest Rockman albums we've become inundated with. Not much new if you've been following TMMN like a responsible Mega Man fan, but a couple points of interest are present. First and foremost, the completely and stupidly sweet cover to WE ARE ROCK-MEN! 2 as seen above. I have a feeling Tabby especially will enjoy this one. Unfortunately, details about the album's contents will have to await future updates.

We also have a little bit of intel on the just announced ROCK HOLIC album. First off, Ucchy-san confirms the album will cover classic Rockman and Rockman X, and it is specifically intended to be a vocal arrange album. Along with rock, jazz and dance, it will also include works in the trance and Eurobeat genres.

Man, all this musical love is pretty intense! I mean, I do still remember when Mega Man was, you know, a game. But I think it shows what worth the series has with so many jumping on supporting the 25th anniversary!