The Trademarks Continue - Capcom of Japan Grabs "ROCKMAN"

Last month, we reported the curious though otherwise unassuming story of Capcom registering a new trademark for "MEGA MAN" back in August. Now it seems that Capcom of Japan is following suit, having just registered the term "ROCKMAN" (in all Roman letters, and not in Japanese characters) among other reported trademarks. There are no details on what kind of products the trademark covers, and I'm not even certain how similar Japanese trademark regulation is compared to the US. Similarly to what I thought about the trademark of "MEGA MAN," there is speculation that "ROCKMAN" may just be related to Rockman Xover, but otherwise those reporting on the details seem to be curious as to what it could indicate. I wouldn't say to get your hopes up, but... maybe just get your hopes up a little? A teensy bit?

News Credit: Hachima Kikou (via Tarbo-san)