Brand New "We are ROCK-MEN!" Album in the Works

It looks like Capcom is sneaking in one more Mega Man arranged album before the year ends. Amazon now has a listing for "We are ROCK-MEN! 2", set to come out in Japan on December 19th for ¥2100 (roughly $27 US). Just two days after the 25th anniversary. The previous We are ROCK-MEN! album featured a variety of tracks from classic Mega Man, Mega Man X, and Mega Man Legends, and was fronted by Capcom's own sound staff - Masahiro “Asian Guitar Emperor” Aoki on guitar, whose work includes Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes, Yasumasa “Original Song Destroyer” Kitagawa on bass, whose work includes Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars, and Mitsuhiko “Bleep Bloop Maestro” Takano on drums, whose work includes Mega Man Xtreme.

Along with the ROCK-MEN crew, the album will also feature guest composers related to Mega Man's past. Besides that, no other details seem to be available right now, but we'll keep you posted. Perhaps this will contain the Kenny Omega arrangement of Mega Man 2's Wily stage music, which the ROCK-MEN made earlier this year.

Incidentally, the Rockman 25th Anniversary arrangement albums by Basiscape come out in a couple of weeks.

News Credit: COCOROG