Capcom Expresses "Other Concerns" Than the Name of Rockman Xover

Looking at the responses to our hands-on with Rockman Xover at the Tokyo Game Show, one gets the impression that many of you are not especially thrilled with what you have seen. Some of you have even turned the tables on Capcom and referred to the game's title as "Rockman's Over," given that this is the most we've seen from Capcom for the franchise heading into its 25th anniversary. This led Mavrickindigo to put the question to Capcom USA over whether they anticipated that the title would be used against them in such a way, if Capcom USA had any input at all, or if we could see a renaming for U.S. release a la Mega Man Legends.

The resulting response from Christian Svensson, Senior Vice-President and Corporate Officer for Capcom, is interesting:

This will no doubt raise some flags, particularly among the game's detractors. Of course, he may simply mean that he's not in charge of naming, and his role concerns other matters. We'll just leave you to draw your own conclusions.

Thanks for the tip and screencap, Mavrickindigo!