Tracy Yardley's Mega Man Concept Art for Archie

For over a year now, we've seen a range of talents on Archie's Mega Man comic book, from Patrick "Spaz" Spaziante to Chad Thomas to Ben Bates and more. But prior to that, while the book was still in its conceptual stages, another artist known well to those familiar with Archie's other video game-based books, Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Universe, tried his hand at it as well. Recently, a number of concept art sketches by Tracy Yardley were posted to Comic Art Fans. The style is certainly different from any we've seen in the book, and while it isn't bad, we have to say that it probably isn't quite one we'd really want to see at any great length in the book.

That isn't a knock on Yardley as an artist, however; we love his renditions of Sonic and friends, and elsewhere in the gallery, he shines with several other video game concepts, including Super Mario Bros., Kirby, and Metroid. You can check them all out for yourself here.

Thanks for the tip, SonicBlueRanger!