Time Keeps Slipping by to Own an Archie Comic Mega Man Page

Ever wanted to own an original piece of Archie's Mega Man comic? Well, now you can!

Mega Man comic artist Chad Thomas is currently selling original pages from the "Time Keeps Slipping" arc, Issues 05-08. Each page is 11x7 and drawn by Chad with inks by Gary Martin. The pages range from $40 to $75. There are also pre-made pictures, like the Oil Man above, on sale for $40.

He is also offering limited slots for original commissions (one of which I have already snatched up!), $40 for one character and $50 for two. Shipping for everything is $10. So if you'd like to see your original Mega Man character in Chad's awesome style, now's the time!

You can see which pages he's offering and more information on his commissions on his webpage's store here.