Yet More Rockman Xover Details - Getting to Know OVER-1

Following up from our Famitsu scoop yesterday, now we have more details and some nice visuals from The bulk of the information concerns the background of the newly named character, OVER-1. As you know, OVER-1 is a robot created in a collaboration between Dr. Light and Dr. Cossack, in order to save the Crossover World that has become threatened by Dr. Wily, Sigma, and other forces of evil now cooperating together. Originally, OVER-1 was a mere all-purpose Reploid with no battle capabilities to speak of. However, OVER- has the special ability to equip "Battle Memory," which can change his abilities and unleash unfathomable potential.

Uhh... wait... Dr. Light and Dr. Cossack made a Reploid?... Like, is this before Dr. Light made X? Was Dr. Cossack ever involved in Reploid research? I mean, my head is kind of...

Anyway, the various heroes of the Rockman universe have become trapped in a gulf of space-time within this strange Crossover World, and now only OVER-1 can save them AND the future! (Though whose future, we're not too certain.) Use Battle Memory to customize your own OVER-1, grab your friends, and save Crossover World from certain doom!

Besides that, the only other info we have is confirmation that Rockman Xover will be appearing at Tokyo Game Show, coming up later this month. I imagine the lines will be incredible.