Maverick Classics Collection: Three Fan-Made RPGs for the Price of None

Though we still don't know very much about it at all, the popular rhetoric when Rockman Xover was announced was that the "fans could do a better job" than what we saw. Well, here is one opportunity to put that theory to the test.

"Mavericks Classics Collection" is a three-in-one package of turn-based role playing games created by Kanaal van maddrex77 over the past ten years. Each stars Mega Man X and Zero, and uses plenty of assets from past games along with some new ones. The most interesting of the three appears to be the third installment, which not only has X, but Zero in his Mega Man Zero form, with both fighting alongside Harpuia and Fefnir from that same series.

If you're interested in trying these out, you can download them here.

Thanks for the tip, Melvin!