Mega Man Battle Network 5 Redubbed... Er, Just Dubbed

Did you ever want to relive the events of Mega Man Battle Network 5, but just didn't have the time to play through? If that's the case, then KilikTheGemKing on YouTube may have the answer for you with a dubbed playthrough of the game's major events:

If nothing else, the voice for Roll is nothing short of amusing. The Mr. Progs sound sort of like Krillin from Dragon Ball Z, too-- and it really fits, somehow.

According to KilikTheGemKing, this was inspired by someone named Misaki who did the same thing for the Japanese version of the game. As it stands, there is only the above episode, but with enough feedback, word is that they will begin on a second episode.

Thanks for the tip, MegamanXstream!