Bandai's D-Arts Line Is Going to Get Classic (Updated)

Earlier this year at the San Diego Comic Con, Bluefin Tamashii Nations showed off what they're hoping will be the future of the Mega Man X D-Arts figure line by Bandai (and we're hoping too). But recent info gives rise to another "future" for the line. According to Tonberi Tei, as well as reports on 2ch, Bandai is preparing a D-Arts figure of classic Mega Man to release in Japan this December. This information may be leaked from store owners, who have received details from Bandai set to be publicized September 5th. Because this is seemingly a leak, and no details are pictures are available so far, we're marking this as a rumor for now. However, the wait may not be very long at all. Bandai is prepping a Tamashii Features showcase event this Saturday, so if Mega Man is legit official word could be coming very soon. We'll also reach out to our sources at Bluefin to see what we can uncover.

I know many of you have been loving Bandai and Bluefin's Mega Man X goods, but how do you feel about the line going to classic Mega Man? I imagine some people might not be as excited, since Kotobukiya already covered classic Mega Man with their model kits. However, the features and detail of the D-Arts line could give a lot to Mega Man.

UPDATE: Although we don’t have any pictures or new details on the figure, it turns out that origin of the listing is from Bandai’s own online Tamashii Mail Magazine. So the figure is very much real. Hopefully information and media will be coming from this weekend’s Bandai event!