An Up-Close Look at Mattel's Unreleased NT Warrior Figures

Back in Battle Network's heyday, it was getting all sorts of animes and toys and comics and what have you. Toy manufacturer Mattel was also getting in on the merchandising train. However, after having released two waves of figures, Mattel decided to pull out in the midst of the planned third wave. Today, those prototype figures find their way on auctions from time to time, and generally sell for steep prices.

Recently, hobbyist TiggerCustoms acquired a few of these figures and decided to share them with all, since pictures of the prototypes are pretty rare still. The unfinished figures he acquired include FreezeMan, seen above, as well as ShadeMan and BurnMan, who you can see after the break. Pretty neat stuff; Mattel was sure building up a well rounded selection of characters! It's a shame they didn't follow through.

Now you might be thinking Tigger would love to flaunt these off in his own collection. However, he tells us that he plans to paint them to their completed appearance, and sell them at a future time. If you're interested in nabbing them yourself, you should send TiggerCustoms word!