Vile to Appear in Project X Zone

With the heroes of Project X Zone getting a lot of spotlight, it's time to start looking at some villains. And Andriasang brings us word that Vile will be making his appearance in the game to oppose the Maverick Hunters and co. He is revealed among others in the latest Famitsu, and hopefully we'll get some imagery soon. In the meantime, we can only speculate what Legends villains might appear as well.

UPDATE: Image added! Vile's text reads "Just worrying like always, X!" It's interesting to note that, while much of the X series elements we've seen so far come from Mega Man X4, Vile retains his original appearance. Of course, with the most recent X games being remakes of the first, and Bandai's recent D-Arts figure, it's easy to understand that the original Vile is the most iconic in appearance.

Furthermore, Hiroshi Shimozaki, who voiced Vile in the Japanese version of Maverick Hunter X, will lend his voice to Vile once again in this title.