Capcom Teases Wii U Announcements...

...but is anyone going to hold their breath that it will involve Mega Man? Well, the Wii U is likely coming out right before the 25th anniversary... could there be a better way of ushering in a new Nintendo console than with a new Mega Man title? Of course, Nintendo 3DS owners already know the answer to that, but we digress. For the record, this is what Senior Vice President Christian Svensson said regarding the matter when asked on the Capcom Unity forums:

"Some good stuff is coming and I'd love to tell you more... but for now, I have to keep it a surprise. Sorry."

So... yeah. Not a lot to go on. Until we find out more, let the dreamers keep dreaming and the skeptics keep sharpening their pitchforks. Either way, we've got a bit of a wait ahead of us, though it's not impossible that Nintendo's quickly-approaching Wii U press event in New York City could shed some light on it.

Source: IGN, via a tip from Bey-Heart