The Mega Man Marathon is Next Friday

One week from today, at 3pm Central Time on Friday, August 31st, MX3 Team proudly presents their third Mega Man Marathon to raise money for the Child's Play charity. At that point, they will play through all ten mainline Classic Mega Man games (with Mega Man & Bass squeezed between 9 and 10), the first six Mega Man X games, and the first Mega Man Legends, with tallies being kept of their start time, finish, their total time, and death count.

The music you hear in the video is from The Megas' new album, History Repeating Blue, which they will be giving away throughout the duration of the marathon to those who donate any amount, as well as those who spread word of their endeavor ( on Twitter with the hashtag #MX3Team or "Like" them on Facebook. "The more you promote us the better chance it is for you to win."

For further updates, you can follow them on Twitter @megamarathonman, and if you would like to donate before the marathon begins, you can do so using the ChipIn widget on their webpage and even get your name in lights.