3DO Version of Mega Man X3 Confirmed... 16 Years Ago, That Is

It has long been a subject of debate whether Capcom had ever really planned a release of Mega Man X3 for the Panasonic 3DO, a version not unlike that seen on the PC, SEGA Saturn, and Sony PlayStation, or whether people had just imagined it. But then late last year, evidence surfaced that yes, a version of the difficult-to-find Super NES game would indeed be on the way to the ill-fated 32-bit console. More recently, new evidence has surfaced... video evidence! Let's watch:

OKeijiDragon sent this our way, noting that it comes from a VHS tape purchased from an eBay seller in Japan called the "CSG TV-Game Collection '96 Spring/Summer Promotional Tape," adding that "CSG features lots of old Japanese 1990s games from that era of gaming" and that "you can also hear an alternate version of 'One More Time,' the Japanese opening theme for the CD versions of X3."

The 3DO may be long gone now, and that version of the game never came to fruition, but if you can track down a copy of Capcom's Mega Man X Collection for either the PlayStation 2 or GameCube, the Mega Man X3 experience provided therein should be about the same.