Announcing the Winners to the Vile's Revenge August Giveaway!

This month we gave you all another chance, no, a triple chance to win a D-Arts Vile figure. And Vile himself has chosen. I hope you're ready, because frankly, war's coming to you. You brought this on yourselves. Now without further ado, the winners are:

Blazingdude "Elec man is hands down my favorite villain. The design, the powers! He can kill mega in 2~3 hits!! Crazy ! :D"

Michael "i get hard time choosing between Bass and Vile, but i guess i'll choose Bass he's one of the legendary villain i guess :D"

Gaia "Well, I always loved how Gutsman was considered his own villain archetype in many continuities, making him one of the most uniquely looked at bosses throughout the series, plus I liked his music, and one of the most popular posteriors of the internet, quite literally if you look at him below the belt from behind.

Perhaps his greatest achievements for being one of the most personality-driven roles was the ariga mangas and the spaz comics, after the mega man 1 scenario, he had a great turnaround as a fallen hero, making up for the trouble he’s caused in both continuities by helping out rock when he needs it, as he can’t do it alone, and a great source for satire too as people seem to base their characters off him at best. Just look at that chin, Chin Up!"

This time around, prize communication is being handled by staffer mainfinger (aka Jesse), so if you haven't yet, be sure to look for his e-mail and get back to him ASAP! If we don't hear back from you, we'll have to chose someone else! And for everyone else, thank you for participating! We had a record number of entries this time - nearly 400! The next giveaway is around the corner, so there will be more chances to win cool stuff!

Post artwork by Bonsai Muraoka