10 Songs That Share Their Names with Robot Masters

Last year, we told you about an article by Philip Reed which gave a tongue-in-cheek look at "10 Life Lessons Learned from Mega Man. A year later, and he's back with a new piece which introduces an idea we haven't seen before: "10 Songs That Share Their Names With Robot Masters" (warning: some offensive language within). Now, some of these are to be expected. Terms such as "Fire Man" and "ice Man" have existed far longer than the Mega Man series, after all. But as you progress down the list, you see more and more candidates that you might not have known about (well, unless you're an avid music lover, maybe), including "Top Man," "Needle Man," and others.

In addition to simply posting videos of the music, Reed also looks at how well the song applies to the Robot Master whose name it shares, whether it would make fitting music for their stage, and even if it's just better than that same stage's music. So give it a look, and see what you think.