Kicking Off the Mega Man Legends 3 Concept Album Project

Last month, we announced an interesting new project; something you could consider sort of a collaboration with Get Me Off The Moon and The Mega Man Network. Truthfully, though, it's a collaboration of all of you who are interested in the world of Legends. The Mega Man Legends 3 Concept Album is meant to be a mutual collaboration of music, art and ideas, coming together and creating what we haven't seen yet from the Legends universe; what we've only dreamed of. A good deal of you seemed excited about it then, so I'm please to announce that the project has gone live now. There are two threads of discussion for you to cooperate in: one for actually contributing music and artwork, and the other for discussing ideas and giving additional feedback. We want you to use both and cooperate together in making this album a reality. There's a lot of liberty involved, and presently the album does not have a defined scope and due date. For more information, check out GMOTM's latest update (where you can also find info for other happenings), or just head over to the official threads.

And as something a bit special, here's what you can perhaps call a "sneak preview" of what's to come. This track by our own Jesse "mainfinger" Gregory was created with the basis of inspiring those coming to the project fresh, and hopefully that's just what it does. Please enjoy.

Klicke Lafonica by Jesse "mainfinger" Gregory