Punk Drunkers Also Bringing Out Tees, Closer Look at Parka

Japanese skater clothing brand Punk Drunkers isn't through with just the Rockman Parka, it seems. Hyoko Gadgienne reveals a pair of Rockman Tees as well. These will be coming to retail in  early September, and cost ¥5,250 (roughly $67 US). Kinda stylish... I suppose, but the hands sure are weird, and I don't think many people ever played Mega Man with a joypad. And frankly, still a bit too pricy IMO! Hit the break to check out more.

Meanwhile, Gadgienne also shows off some up close shots of the Rockman Parka introduced earlier this week. Hyoko writes that the hoodie seems to have a good feel for cosplaying. As reported before, this hoodie will be coming out in November with a hefty ¥14,700 price tag.

UPDATE: A new photo from Punk Drunkers reveals a little something interesting about the Rockman Parka. Apparently, that strange red bit on the left sleeve is buster related after all. When you pull up the outer sleeve, it becomes a Mega Buster! Just like Mega Man would (sort of) do it! Also have to admit this guy looks pretty silly.

News Credit: CAP Kobun