Newsarama Interviews Archie's Ian Flynn on Mega Man/Sonic Crossover

Newsarama has just posted a new interview with writer Ian Flynn on Archie's upcoming crossover between the worlds of Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog. Not a lot of new info is revealed, as one might expect at this point, but it is still a fun read. One thing we do learn, however, is that as one would expect, the two heroes' first meeting starts out a little rocky (no pun intended):

Nrama: How would you describe their reaction to each other once they meet? Is it love or hate at first sight?

Flynn: It doesn't go well. Sonic is known for smashing robots. Mega Man doesn't do well around pointy objects. In any good crossover, you inevitably have the Hero vs. Hero fight. It's just fun.

Flynn also points out that "There will be a number of 'new' Mega Man characters insofar as we've not properly introduced them in the main book yet. And with the two doctors working together, you'll be seeing some new twists on some old ideas." Hmm, "Badnik Masters," perhaps?

For the full interview, just click here.