Mega Man 5 Robot Masters, Mega Man X2, and Zero Featured in August Issue of Nintendo Power

While the August 2012 issue of Nintendo Power won't be reaching newsstands and other fine purveyors of quality print publications until August 7th, subscribers (such as ourselves) are already getting their hands on it through the mail. So, what does this edition have in store for Mega Man fans? No game announcements; sorry if that's what you might have been thinking. But there are a few tidbits for fans here and there.

For instance, the results of the recent Power Poll asking which Mega Man 5 Robot Master has the best weapon is in, and the top choice was none other than Napalm Man. An interesting choice, though we suppose it comes down to whether you're looking at Mega Man using it, or the boss from which it was taken. In the latter case, the Napalm Bomb isn't bad.

More Robot Master fun from Mega Man 5 is in the sidebar of the latest Playback, which features the NES game Metal Storm, an Irem game in which you play as a robotic mech which can alter gravity. With that, we'll just leave you to guess who was featured here.

The recent Virtual Console release of Mega Man X2 is also covered in Download's Evaluation Station, where it earns a "Recommended" for its graphics, challenge, and optional bosses, despite the silliness of a particular Maverick.

Last, but not least, is the newest "Star Power," which takes a look at some of gaming's greatest characters. In this issue, the star is none other than Zero, who has a look at the highs and lows of his video game career. In addition, some of his key appearances are highlighted, as well as some other little tidbits in this two-page spread.